For Macs with Apple Silicon and macOS 14 or later.
By downloading Fluid you agree to the Terms and Privacy.

Private AI assistant
for Mac. 💯Offline.

For Macs with Apple Silicon and macOS 14 or later.
4.9GB or 8.6GB of free disk space is required.
By downloading Fluid you agree to the Terms and Privacy.
Powered by Meta Llama 3

Intelligence at your fingertips

Type  ⌃ space  and ask.

ChatGPT Quality.

Fluid uses powerful Llama 3 AI by Meta. It's similar to ChatGPT, yet fully private and available offline.

Unparalleled Privacy.

Your chats are made on your Mac and never leave it. No need to send sensitive data to 3rd party.

Voice Control.

Tired of typing? Press ^ (ctrl) and dictate what's on your mind. Your voice is not sent anywhere.

One-click Install.

Just download Fluid, install and let it take care of the rest. No special skills needed.

Easy Access.

Press ^ Space (ctrl + Space) to launch Fluid from anywhere, anytime.

Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.

Secure by Design.

Security-checked by Apple. Runs in secure app sandbox. Does not require admin password.


Fluid deals with updates so you don't have to. Whenever there's a new version, you got it immediately.

You're in control.

Not the answer you're looking for? Press Esc to stop Fluid anytime. Or just ask again to interrupt.

Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected.

History mode.

By default Fluid shows what you need most - the last answer. But if you need history, just press ⌘ H.

More is coming.

We're working on new exciting features - stay tuned!

Web search capabilities

Fluid will be able to search web for you to provide the most accurate and up-to-date answers. No more tedious browsing of search results.

Context awareness

Tired of explaining what you're doing to the chatbot? Fluid will have an option to see what you're doing at any given moment, so you won't have to explain the obvious. Optional and done in an entirely private manner, only on your device.


Let Fluid know you better and automatically memorize all the data that is relevant to you. All with privacy-respecting approach, where you can access and modify every bit of Fluid's memory.

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  • Is the Fluid assistant safe?
    Absolutely! Fluid is one of the safest AI assistants on the market today. It computes all your chats locally on the device and does not send or share them with any middle-man or external chat provider. No-one can see your data except you. Also Fluid updates itself automatically using secure HTTPS protocol with additional encryption, making sure you always have latest and safest version. And it does all this by default.

    What's more, Fluid is fully sandboxed, notarized, security-checked and hardened by Apple. Sandboxing means Fluid has very limited access to your Mac. For example it can't see your screen or access your files. Read more about sandboxing on Apple's website.

  • How do I download and install?
    Simply download the Fluid Mac app and open Fluid.dmg file. Then drag the app to Applications as shown by the arrow and open it from /Applications folder.

  • Is it available on the AppStore?
    Not yet :). The app is Sandboxed and therefore satisfies AppStore requirements, but we haven't got there yet. Please do Let us know if it's important to you 🙏.

  • Is it free?
    Yes, the beta version is absolutely free. Enjoy :)

  • How do you earn?
    For now we’re more focused on polishing the product rather than the revenue. We consider introducing a paid version in the future (using freemium model), but that's not certain yet.

  • What are the hardware requirements?
    Fluid computes everything locally on your machine, therefore it requires Apple Silicon (starting with M1 MacBook Air). Also it requires ~4.9GB of free disk space for Macs with 8GB RAM, and 8.6GB of free space for Macs with 16GB RAM or more. (Fluid needs disk space to download it’s Llama 3 Brain LLM).

  • Which macOS version do you support?
    For now we support macOS 14.0. We can add support for macOS 13.0 - just let us know.

  • Can I disable auto-updates?
    It's not possible now, but we consider adding that option in the future (together with disabling sentry error reporting). Let us know if it’s important to you.

  • Is it open-source?
    It is not, although we’d love to open-source it fully or partially. Let us know if it’s important to you.

  • How to activate Voice Recognition?
    You have to make sure those 3 steps are satisfied:
        1. Grant permission for recording when asked at the app start.
        2. Click on Fluid's icon on the status bar and enable Voice Recognition mode.
        3. Tap  ⌃ Space  and then press and hold Control  ⌃  button while speaking.

  • Will it slow down my machine?
    No, Fluid is idle by default, so it will not slow down your Mac or drain your battery when installed and idle.

    Of course, when you ask Fluid a question, it has to generate an answer, and this is a GPU-intensive process - but you have total control over it, and you can stop it at any time.

  • How do I uninstall?
    Sorry to see you go! Let us know what we can do better, and we will improve.
    If you're still sure, please follow these steps:
        1. Close Fluid app.
        2. Remove from /Applications directory in Finder.
        3. Open Finder, type  ⇧ ⌘ G , enter ~/Library/Containers/app.getfluid/.
        4. Delete data directory entirely.
        5. You may need to empty trash to save space after verifying all works OK.


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